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Encode your IP as a haiku

How eccentric and cool: There’s also a Python port:

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I just ran into this sentence in Six programming paradigms that will change how you think about coding You’re probably used to type systems in languages like C and Java and marveled at its ambiguity. “Used” and “type” have several different

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Q. Why did the multiprocessing chicken cross the road? A. to To other side. get the — Jason Whittington

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SOPA and the power of the Internet

Firstly, there is an excellent explanation of SOPA’s potential impact here. Check out the video in the first link. What is so striking about this, apart from the breath-taking over-reach of the bills, is the about-face in Congress as a

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NPR critiques patents

An excellent NPR story on patents has been getting attention, and Forbes uses it to argue in favor of invalidating software patents.

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The equivalence of patents and source code

The Software Freedom Law Center has filed a Supreme Court brief re Bilski, and I loved this idea within it: “The source code of a program which performs the steps described in a software patent is distinguishable from the literal

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Windows is Stupid

I have an application with a main window.  It opens a find dialog that can remain open, i.e. it is not modal.  I mark it as STAY_ON_TOP so it does not disappear behind the application window. The application pops up

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Skype Users are Revolting

On Feb 3, 2009, Skype announced the release of Skype 4.0 after extensive beta testing.  But on the community forums, users are complaining that New interface is very BAD. Old was perfect, SKYPE ME MODE no longer available in version

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Lawyers Shut Down Internet

I exaggerate, but check out this Slate post about a law firm that successfully objected to someone linking to their website.

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How the Internet affects our future

Salon discusses the Internet and the two poles of “Google is making us stupid” and “the Internet will liberate humanity.” In “A Brief History of Everything”, Ken Wilber resurrected Arthur Koestler’s holons: autonomous structures that are themselves part of a

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