Month: March 2005

Selective reporting

Intersting Salon article on the absence of media reports of public opinion polls on Terry Schiavo: When public opinion doesn’t matter “in the past week, an overwhelming majority — 87 percent — of Americans polled by ABC News and the

Microsoft makes good patent recommendations

I’m not usually a fan of Microsoft, but they presented some very sensible proposals in a lecture to the American Enterprise Institute.

When Socialism works

In Slate, The Triumph of Socialized Medicine comments on a Washington Monthly report that VA hospitals provided better quality of care than fee-for-service Medicare. Such news must be anathema to free-market ideologues, but the reasons given make sense; for instance,

How true is the news?

Media everywhere ran the story about Harvard rejecting 119 aplicants because they tried to learn their admissions status early by “hacking into a Web site“, but the initial stories gave no details of the “hack”. Now we learn that it

Drug costs and medical research

The pharmaceutical industry claims that the high cost of drugs in America is necessary to support the costs of research, but a more likely cause of those costs is in the NYTimes article which says “[t]he drug industry has long

The Gannon affair

MediaBistro is not finding it as easy to get a press pass as James Guckert, the amateur correspondent who covered White House press conferences for several years.