Jon Stewart, the Media and the NYTimes

In today’s NYTimes, David Carr critiques Jon Stewart’s attack on the media as insignificant because “In even a good news night, about five million people take a seat on the cable wars, which is less than 2 percent of all Americans.”  Based on that logic I can ignore his attack because the NYTimes has an […]

Sources of Innovation

Interesting column in today’s NYT by Steven Johnson discussing his book “Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation“.  He describes four quadrants: The class solo entrepreneur The amateur individual The private corporation Collaborative nonproprietary innovation He analysed 300 influential ideas and concludes that the fourth quadrant is the most productive, which fits […]

Conservatives and Boundaries

I have pondered the psychology of politics for many years.  I first concluded that fear was the defining difference: conservatives carry guns, live in gated communities, want controlled borders, support law and order and drive SUVs that feel safer.  But liberals must have their own set of fears, which I saw as complementary: fear of […]

Three Arguments against Copyrights

1 Let’s start with the delightful video Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us (10:48) that says that when performing mechanical tasks, an incentive such as money improves performance, but when the task is intellectual, it doesn’t!  In fact, it leads to lower performance.  Instead, the motivators are autonomy, mastery and purpose. In the […]

The Logic of Prop. 8 Supporters

From Tuesday’s NYT: The defense sought to show that claims of bias against gay men and lesbians were overblown. In particular, Dr. Miller testified, gay men and lesbians in California could count on a deep and varied contingent of allies, including the Democratic Party, organized labor, corporations, newspapers, celebrities and some church groups. Some of […]

Supreme Court Goes Rogue Again

Emily Bazelon has an excellent post highlighting the contradictions in yesterday’s Supreme Court decision to block video streaming of the CA gay marriage trial, e.g. The problem, the majority says, is that in his haste, Judge Walker changed a federal rule to allow for the broadcast, without giving sufficient notice to the parties and witnesses […]