Supreme Court Goes Rogue Again

Emily Bazelon has an excellent post highlighting the contradictions in yesterday’s Supreme Court decision to block video streaming of the CA gay marriage trial, e.g.

The problem, the majority says, is that in his haste, Judge Walker changed a federal rule to allow for the broadcast, without giving sufficient notice to the parties and witnesses or enough opportunity for public comment….

Nobody knew to comment? Actually, the court received megabytes of comments! 138,542 pro and 32 con, to be precise.

In summary, the democratic process is badly broken in America.  A few more  events from the last decade:

  • Vote mis-counting in Florida
  • SCOTUS commandeering the electoral process in Bush v. Gore
  • The disparity between the Electoral Vote and the popular vote
  • The lack of a public option in health care reform despite popular support
  • Lack of support for the war in Afghanistan

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