Military Experience

Christopher Hitchens amused me today… “The right wing had no interest in highlighting Obama’s nuanced position in Austin, either, because there was (and is) a conservative interest in painting Obama as a heedless and irresponsible pacifist, with absolutely no experience of crashing an expensive aircraft on the territory of a country on which the United […]

Software patents invalidated?!

PatentlyO reports that the Patent and trademark Office has ruled that “A general purpose computer is not a particular machine, and thus innovative software processes are unpatentable if they are tied only to a general purpose computer”. But apparently, a narrower claim that “uses two computing devices” will still stand.  Sounds to me like a […]

Bad Computer Design #1 – stupid key combinations

How do you close a program in Windows? Alt-F4, of course. How do you switch between documents? Ctrl-F6, stupid! Who picked these finger-bending choices?  To answer this we must go back, back, back in time, to the earliest days of the IBM PC, when the keyboard looked like this: Yes, only 10 function keys, and […]

MSM Notices Patents are Stupid

The Wall Street Journal writes that “Patent Gridlock Suppresses Innovation“.  Finally, the message is reaching the establishment.  Latest example: Channel Intelligence is suing everybody (if they’re small) for wishlists in a database.  Sheesh.  How does the USPTO let this kind of thing through?

Stranger than Fiction

Wow, you can’t make this kind of stuff up. A UCF student took a wafer at a Catholic Mass, upsetting the clergy who believe that it is the actual Body of Christ and hence must be consumed immediately. An atheist associate professor of biology at the University of Minnesota blogged about this, saying that it […]

The Path to Torture

Interesting post by Glenn Greenwald on Jane Mayer’s book The Dark Side where he points out that on torture, a reason that Congress has been reluctant to act is that many of its members were themselves compromised. I imagine them being sucked ever deeper into the mire like the participants in the infamous Milgram experiment.

The Flag

Independence day is a great time to (re)start a blog on independent thinking, and what better subject than the flag. If you see an American flag outside a house, odds are the owners are Republican. In Britain, the ultra-right National Front incorporates the flag into its logo. In France, the far-right Front National uses the […]