You Think We Live in a Democracy?

Slate reports on the Senate Finance Committee’s vote against a public health option. “Even among Republicans, opposition to the public option (42 percent) is outweighed by support (47 percent).” In an Indirect Democracy, “The people elect government officials who then make decisions on their behalf” (wikipedia).  Clearly, it’s not happening.  We don’t live in a […]

Health Care Premiums

I see nothing in the current health care proposals that limit the premiums insurance companies can charge.  Yes, they may be subject to premium ratios, but their plaint will be that to cover the burden of insuring everyone, all premiums must rise.  Remember, too, paying these increased premiums will be mandatory. Only a public option […]

Do you have any ideas?

I believe that the average person has six original ideas in their lifetime.  By “original idea”, I mean a new view of how the world is or could be.  “Why don’t we go to Hawaii this summer?” or “”Let’s paint the hall fuchsia” don’t count; they’re statements about preferences. Now six is just a number […]

More Patent Insanity

Timothy Lee writes eloquently about the stupidity of a company that exists only to think up patents and use them to sue – no actual creation of product required.  How is this of the slightest benefit to society?

Hypocrisy or lack of Empathy?

Firstly consider this quote (color emphasis added): “Clearly, we’ve got to find Mohammed Omar, we’ve got to find Osama bin Laden, and we’ve got to find other key leaders of the al-Qaida network, or we will have failed. We’re not safe until we have broken the back of al-Qaida, and we haven’t done that yet. […]