Faux Democracy

The Electoral College. Disproportionate Senatorial representation. Gerrymandering. Congressional inaction on higher taxes on the rich, military spending cuts and removing marijuana’s Schedule 1 classification. All are disquieting signs that we may be living in a society that only pretends to be a democracy.

I’m not the only person thinking this. Check out the comments to the NYT article Behind Clash Between C.I.A. and Congress, a Secret Report on Interrogations. Some excerpts:

Is it possible America has experienced a peaceful coup via the powers of the CIA, the NSA and trade treaties?

It is laughably sad that there are two sets of rules in the US. There are the laws and expected morals that the average citizen must follow, and then there is the “law” that the government has established for themselves.

America pretends to be a democracy when in fact the CIA, the essence and structure of a Police State, negates its tenets of transparency and rule of law.

If this congress and this administration cannot or will not reign in the intelligence agencies, I believe our democracy is lost.

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