World falls to pieces; more news at 11

The latest report on global warming says that “[w]e were stunned by the similarities between the observations that have been recorded at sea worldwide and the models that climatologists made,” said Tim Barnett of the University of California’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography. “The debate is over, at least for rational people. And for those who insist that the uncertainties remain too great, their argument is no longer tenable. We’ve nailed it.”   Also this week, buried inside an article on domestic cat genes, is that “[t]he domestic cat is the only one of the 37 species in its family that is not either threatened or endangered“, and inside the Escapes section, an article on Whooping Cranes says “[o]f the 15 surviving species, 11 are imperiled with the possibility of extinction“.

WHAT??! How can we see the disintegration of the world around us and just ignore it?

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