5 Reasons to Enjoy the Trump Regime

The blows are relentless. Our news feeds deliver multiple shocks each day. The barrage slows time down — surely it can’t be only 24 days since the inauguration?

And yet there is joy to be found in all this.

1. The Explosion of Satire

Late-night comedy has accepted the challenge. Not only does it make us laugh, its caustic humor strips away the lies and dissimulations and shows us the attempts to distort reality.

2. Knowing that Trump watches TV

Watching SNL has the added pleasure of knowing that Trump is watching, too. Before the election, he lived in a bubble of private jets and adoring crowds. Now, late at night, alone in his bathrobe, abandoned by his wife, every skit is a denial of the love he needs to feed his narcissism.

3. The Awakening of the Left

Nothing like this has happened in nearly half a century. People are marching for the first time in their lives. Congressman are besieged at Town Halls. Phone systems are flooded. This is not a knee-jerk paroxysm of disappointment at the election results; it is an immune response to the invasion of the body politic.

4. Finding Community

This huge reaction to Trump is making people feel connected to each other, not just for the political crisis of the moment, but by the human desire for fairness for all, whether refugees, LGBTQ, minimum wage workers, immigrants or the sick.

5. Living in a Movie

We’ve all seen and been swept up in countless dramas, whether spy thriller, alien invasion or bank heist. Now we’re in one. It’s real, it’s 3-dimensional, it has plot twists and turns, it has a cast of thousands. You’re one of them. Pick your role — helpless victim, crowd extra, martyr or revolutionary leader. Enjoy it! The opportunity may never come again. Act so you will be proud to tell your grand-children when they ask “What did you do in the Trump Regime?”

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