A Frenzied Legislative Crackdown on Civil Rights

LA Womens’ March

I’m seeing a flurry of bills that limit protest:

These are all State measures, but I suspect that Republicans are worried about the recent protests and will propose similar legislation, cloaked of course in Newspeak as The National Peace and Harmony Act. (Speaking of Newspeak, “1984”, the #1 Amazon best-seller, is currently out of stock and Penguin is rushing to print more.)

But authorities don’t even need to act legally; they can suppress protest by any means necessary, as happened to Occupy Wall Street encampments around the country. A law school report concluded that “there now is a systematic effort by authorities to suppress protests, even when these are lawful and pose no threat to the public.” Even though such suppression was subsequently found illegal:

eventual justice counts for nothing years later when the goal is to disband the protests.

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