Continuing NYTimes Bias

I have railed for months about the pro-Clinton bias in the NYTimes. Today’s headline reads Three Crucial States Show Tight Races Between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

PARA 2: “The Quinnipiac University surveys, released on Tuesday, show Mrs. Clinton leading Mr. Trump by one percentage point in Pennsylvania and Florida and trailing him by four points in Ohio.”

Buried further down in PARA 5: “The polls do offer some support for Mr. Sanders’s argument to stay in the race, as he outperforms Mrs. Clinton in head-to-head matchups against Mr. Trump in the three states. The senator from Vermont tops Mr. Trump by two points in Florida and Ohio and by six points in Pennsylvania.”

Putting this in tabular form:

State Clinton Sanders Difference
PA +1 +6 +5
FL +1 +2 +1
OH -4 +2 +6

A better headline would be: Sanders Outperforms Clinton in Head-to-Head Matchups Against Trump in Three Crucial States

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  1. I have felt this way for a very long time now. I have had to completely revise my opinion of the NYT, the newspaper that i grew up respecting and believing. they have been so biased in their reporting that I now question everything else they report on. what a pity. Newspapers and news outlets are no longer reporters of the news. They are just corporations trying to survive. They will print anything to do so. we must find new ways to inform ourselves!

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